------------>>> MOTION DESIGNER <<<------------

I was approached by Shawn Pucknell to create the title sequence for the FITC 2022 conference that took place online.
The project was an open brief with no limits as long as the final delivery was a 2 minutes long film.

After brainstorming, I told Shawn it would be cool to create something around the theme "decryption and problem solving" and we both
got exited about the idea. So, I started to shape this concept into an abstract and fictional world to tell the story of how a computer
solves and decrypts a message. That message being FITC.

The story was divided in two worlds: "The Physical" & "The Digital". And, these two worlds were then divided into three sections:

 >> ROOM     | Machine that comumputes and decrypts the code.
 >> DIGITAL  | What goes on inside the machine.
 >> PRINTER  | Part of the machine that prints the decoded message.
--- RND ------------------------------
--- CREDITS ----------------

VISUALS : Daniel Alvarez
SOUND : Juan Camilo Alvarez
ORIGINAL MUSIC : Lance Conrad aka Humans Win
FEATURED IN : Stash Media