------------>>> MOTION DESIGNER <<<------------

The job was simple, create anything you want. No restrictions, as long as you deliver at least 2 minutes of video. That was it.

First, we got together and came up with an idea. We divided the story into 4 core elements: earth, wind, fire, water
Second, we started experimenting and producing sketches, renders, or anything that could anchor the project a bit more.
Finally, after many iterations, we arrived to the results in the film.

It was definitely an opportunity to learn new things and to explore different techniques.

--- RND ---------------
--- CREDITS ----------------

CLIENT : node
DIRECTOR : Chris Angelius
PRODUCER : Diana Angelius
VISUALS : Chris Angelius, Gareth Chang, Felix Deimann, Jonathan Conde, Claudio Berinato, Jamie Hoy, Daniel Alvarez
PITCH : Leo Nguyen
MUSIC + SOUND : Bamm Bamm Wolfgang
SOUND + MIX : Adam Alexander
COMPOSERS : Adam Alexander, Gavin Doods
MASTERING : Mady Henly, Paul Stefanidis