------------>>> MOTION DESIGNER <<<------------
This promo was done with the awesome team of MIGHTY NICE. We did 3 spots for different vitamins.
My role was to track, grade and multi-pass composite all 3D CGI elements on the life action plates using The Foundry Nuke. 

Click here if you are interested to know how the mighty guys built the set.
--- CREDITS ----------------

CLIENT : Ethical Nutrients
AGENCY : Jack Watts Currie
STUDIO : Mighty Nice
DIRECTOR : Darren Price
MODEL / SURFACE : Akhil Mittal (lead), Tristan Lock, Greg Petchkovsky, Tessa Eden, Trent Rogan
RIG : Michael Tebble
ANIMATION : Duncan MacLaren
LIGHT / RENDER : Rowan Karrer (lead), Rebecca Selmes
MOTION GRAPHICS : Gareth Chang, Federico Martinez
MATTE PAINTING : Kallie Ennever
COMPOSITE : Vincent E Sousa (lead), Kallie Ennever, Daniel Alvarez
DOP : Simon Higgins
GRADE : White Chocolate
PRODUCTION : Tina Braham, Diana Angelius
HEAD OF STUDIO : Jeremy Howdin