------------>>> MOTION DESIGNER <<<------------

Even-though there are many platforms to create dynamic and good looking websites, I found my self with the boring and repetitive task of updating those platforms every-time I wanted to showcase a new project.

This annoying and repetitive task not only grew faster as the amount of projects to showcase got bigger. But, it also made it harder to update my website every-time I wanted to upload new content.

I wanted to find a better way to do all of this work. A way that could give me enough control to get the most out the website and most importantly, a way to create exactly what I wanted.

It was always frustrating to have to pay extra for the features that could make my website look or behave better. And, this never gave me exactly what I needed.

I found zola

According to Chat-GPT, "Zola" is the name of an open-source static site generator written in the Rust programming language. It's known for its speed, extensibility, and ease of use, and it's used to build websites and blogs. With Zola, users can create content in a variety of formats, including Markdown, HTML, and TOML, and the generated output is a set of static files that can be served by a web server. This approach offers several benefits, including improved security, better performance, and lower hosting costs.

the first thing was to follow the overview. Then to understand what the difference between sections, pages, and shortcodes were.

Then I had to learn a bit of sass.

Then, I had to bring all the content from my old webiste into zola

and finally, all I was left was to upload the site to github and make it online.

There are also other SSGs. But, I found zola to be the better option for me.